1.  How are medical issues (allergies, asthma, injuries, etc.) handled? 

     We have a licensed Nurse and Trainer on staff at all times who handle all medical conditions.  They are available to speak with on the first day of camp during registration and can store whatever medications are necessary for your child.  
2.  Does my child need to bring anything to camp? 

     No, it is not necessary to bring anything to camp.  All cash should be deposited in the canteen or in the lunch envelopes allotted to your child on their first day of camp.   
3.  Can my child bring lunch? 

    We offer full cafeteria service or refrigeration for lunches brought to camp.  Lunch money should be brought daily and the recommended amount is $5.00 per day.

 4.  Can you purchase drinks/snacks throughout the day?

     Our canteen is open throughout the day.  Money can be deposited into an account at registration.  The recommended amount is $20.00 for the week.

5.  Is water available?

     Water is available free of charge throughout the day.